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A Conversation with Adrian Marcataio About Life Influences and Leaving a Positive Legacy

In last few years, society has undergone many changes in habits and we as a society have adapted our lives to these changes. In my case, the biggest change in habit was organizing my schedule in such a way that I could spend most of my free time with my family, sharing activities with my wife and children, traveling together, and eating healthier. 

Welcome To Medium: My Professional History & Background

Hello all! My name is Adrian Marcataio and I am an entrepreneur & executive with the experience and skills required for today’s energy industry at the corporate and project level (Oil and Gas and Power industries) with over 23 years of seniority. Currently, I reside in Mexico City, Mexico. I am multi-lingual and have numerous degrees including one from the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) in Industrial Engineering.

It’s fair to say that most competitive sports have benefitted from advances in technology. But none more so than soccer, which has embraced technology from the get-go. It wasn’t just to make the life of the referees a lot easier, but also to improve the whole experience for players, teams, and spectators as well.

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has changed life as we know it and probably forever. As people try to adjust to the new normal from social distancing to working from home, many business executives face new challenges related to how to manage a remote workforce and still meet targets and business goals.

For a career-oriented person, developing a strong relationship to build their career and reach their goals is a must. Much like friendships, cultivating a strong network of work relationships requires patience, perseverance, and plenty of time and dedication.

We often find ourselves in situations that we had no choice about. COVID-19 has upended many people’s lives and forced us to grapple with social distancing, working from home, and living under a lockdown. This is the new normal, so how do you deal with it?

In Latin America, football (or what North Americans call soccer) is more than a sport. The love of the game has been responsible for social, political, and economic changes in places like Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. For example, athletes and events have brought troubled families back together, raised awareness of local hunger, and even saving at-risk governments.


The most prestigious racing league in the world is Formula One. Fans and industry leaders refer to Formula One as F1, and it invites only the world’s best single-seat racers to participate. F1 is also a global business evolving with the times.

Pasión indescriptible, amistades terminadas, trabajos abandonados, viajes suspendidos, matrimonios en problemas, salvar gobiernos en riesgo, dejar el hambre olvidada, todo eso puede conseguirlo el futbol en America Latina.

Es sabido que la F1 es el laboratorio de pruebas tecnológicas más importante de la industria automotriz, es el ámbito natural para que la industria investigue y desarrolle nuevas ideas.

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